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Looking for karaoke in NH can be challenging. Few places even have a website and of those who do few mention that they have karaoke, let alone have it listed in a way that search engines can find it. This list contains locations that I have been to and my comments. I will add to it when I encounter new places. Below the detailed list is a list of places that I have not been to, but that I have confirmed offer karaoke. Always call before


The New Yee Dynasty
830 South Willow Street Manchester, NH 03103-4019 (603) 625-5606
The Yee has karaoke 7 nights a week from 9PM - 1AM.(actual rotation usually starts between 9:30PM and 10:00PM.)
Sound system: The sound setup is different every night. Some nights you will hear yourself loud and clear, other times you won't hear yourself even a little. Sometimes finding a different spot on stage will help.
Audience lyrics screen: Yes
Crowd response: One of the least responsive rooms you will find. If you get you get a smattering of applause, you did very well If you get real applause, you were great...and probably picked a song the crowd likes.

There are 2 companies that have different selections. Captain Chris Entertainment is there Sunday - Tuesday and uses a computer database so they have a large selection. JB Entertainment is there Wednesday - Saturday. While their selection is smaller, they have some picks that are rare finds. There will be a 45 minute dance break on Friday and Saturday at around 11:15PM nights regardless of how many submissions there are. If you don't have a song submitted by about 11:45 you most likely won't get to sing. Its pretty dead during the week so its pretty ideal if you and some friends want to plow through some songs. Mixed drinks are a great value here. Expect a wide range of clientele. You can find anyone from guys in suits to bikers, it just depends on the night.
Pool tables: 2

Teddy J's
866 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 622-6400
Teddy J's has karaoke on Friday and Saturday from 9PM - 1AM.
Sound system: One of the most consistent quality sound systems in Manchester. You sing between the speakers and the DJ which works out well.
Audience lyrics screen: Yes
Crowd response: Crowd response is usually pretty good and most of the attendees are there to sing.

This is a small place but the space is used well. The DJ has a computer list, so there is a good selection and seems to genuinely enjoy getting people up to sing and doesn't yank the plug as soon as last call is announced. Usually you get a solid night of karaoke, but on rare occasions the interlude songs will pop in. The crowd is usually tends towards 20 somethings.
Pool Tables: 0

Mc Garvey's
1097 Elm Street Manchester, NH 03101-1505  (603) 627-2721
Mc Garvey's has karaoke Thursday - Sunday from 9PM - 1AM.
Sound system: This is hit and miss. Some nights are great, some are not. There is a speaker that is usually on the dance floor next to you, but is occasionally above the booths in front of you. Getting closer to the DJ usually helps if you can't hear yourself.
Audience lyrics screen: No
Crowd response: This crowd is a lot like the Yee but there's usually a couple of people in the karaoke area that will clap.

Two companies with very similar lists. Captain Chris Entertainment is there on Thursday and Sunday. Squid is there on Friday and Saturday. Squid usually throws singers up back to back most of the night except for a couple of smoke breaks. Make sure that you don't miss you spot while you're outside or you may  In half the bar you won't be able to hear the singing or your name being called but there is room to move around and get away from the noise without going outside.
One last thing. There are 3 bathrooms. One women's, one men's, and one unisex. The unisex bathroom is the unmarked door past the men's room.
Pool tables: 2

The Element Lounge
1055 Elm Street, Manchester, NH (603) 627-2922
The Element has karaoke on Sunday from 6PM - 11PM and Tuesday from 8PM -12AM.
Sound system: Quality sound system with wireless mics.
Audience lyrics screen: Yes
Crowd response: Warm and supportive crowd.

DJ Sharon does karaoke with an impressive database and 3 huge books of songs making her one of the few people who have at least most of their computer list on paper. Pure karaoke. Set rotation with new singers being added at the end of the current rotation. Interlude songs are used purely as filler for the singer switch. It pays to arrive early if you want to be at the top of the rotation. This is a gay/trans/bi friendly establishment.
Pool tables: 1

North Garden
715 South Mast Road, Manchester, NH 03102 (603) 668-1668
North Garden has karaoke on Saturday from 9PM - 1AM.
Sound system: Decent sound system.
Audience lyrics screen: Yes
Crowd response: Indifferent to warm. I've heard tell of hecklers but have never seen it.

This place has a unique book. If there's a song that you haven't been able to find anywhere else this may be the place that you find it. Mid sized room.
Pool tables: 0

J P China
Rte 11 & Beaver Lake W, Alton Bay, NH 03810 (603) 875-8899
J P China has karaoke on Friday night from 8PM - 12AM.
Sound system: Above average sound.
Audience lyrics screen: Yes
Crowd response: Warmest crowd I've encountered.

I've only been here once but I was amazed at the crowd response. The book gives you ample selection and I believe it is an incomplete listing.
Pool tables: 0

Palmer's Tavern
487 South Stark Highway, Weare, NH 03281-5520 (603) 529-7747
Palmer's has karaoke Friday and Saturday night from 9PM - Close.
Sound System: Decent sound system. Good set up to hear yourself.
Audience lyrics screen: No
Crowd response: Indifferent to warm.

Country bar with a good selection of songs. Nonstop karaoke once the rotation starts. This place will close early if its dead so if you're going out of your way you should probably call ahead.
Pool tables: 1

Yankee Lanes
477 Park Avenue, Keene, NH 03431-1562 (603) 352-5537
Yankee Lanes has karaoke on Saturday night from 8PM - 12AM.
Sound system: Fairly good sound system with wireless mics but the setup is a bit weird at times.
Audience lyrics screen: Yes
Crowd response: Indifferent to warm.

A small room but it is cozy. Decent selection. They have a laptop setup that you use to search through their database of songs. Although it isn't a complete list it is still pretty cool.
Pool tables: 0

Gino's Bar & Grill
815 Court Street, Keene, NH 03431-1712 (603) 357-1872
Gino's has karaoke Friday and every other Saturday from 9PM - 1AM.
Sound system: The sound here is really rough.
Audience lyrics screen: Yes
Crowd response: Indifferent to warm.

They have a decent enough book but the sound system is really rough, especially where you are singing.
Pool tables: 0

Rockytop Tavern
97 Main St, Brattleboro, VT 05301 (802) 579-1568
Rockytop has karaoke Friday from 9PM - 1AM.
Sound system: The best sound system I've encountered for karaoke. You even have your own monitor.
Audience lyrics screen: No
Crowd response: Indifferent to warm.

While this isn't exactly in NH it is right across the river and has the best sound that I've experienced. Fairly standard computer selection.
Pool tables: 0

333 Valley Street, Manchester, NH (603) 606-1238
Mulligans has karaoke on Sunday 8PM - 1AM and Friday 9PM-1AM.
Sound system: Unknown
Audience lyrics screen: Unknown
Crowd response: Unknown

Its a nice little bar but I haven't been there for karaoke since they stopped having it on Wednesdays and I'm pretty sure that it is a different company doing things now.
Select Monday's have live band karaoke.
Pool tables: 0

The following is a list of karaoke places that I know of but have never been to. For now, I've included seacoast, lakes region, and southern nh listings. All but the first three have been comfirmed over the phone while making this page. Once I get a complete list I will probably sort them by location.

Stix Entertainment Center
351 Daniel Webster Hwy, Meredith, NH 03253 (603) 279-8507
Its definitely Friday and I believe Saturday night from 8PM - 12AM.
Lochmere Golf & Country Club
360 Laconia Road, Tilton, NH 03276-5224 (603) 528-4653
This is Friday night from I think 8:30PM - 12:30AM.
Club 313
93 S Maple St, Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 628-6813
They are open Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 8PM - 1AM with karaoke all night. On Saturday night they take a break from karaoke for a drag show. 18+. $5 cover before 9, 10 on Saturday, with a $10 cover after that. 21+ no cover until 9, 10 on Saturday, with a $5 cover after that.
Chens Restaurant
122 East Broadway, Derry, NH 03038 (603) 437-8989
Saturday from 8:30PM - 1AM
The River's Edge Grille & Tavern
Route 16B, Center Ossipee, NH USA (603) 539-7733
At Indian Mound Golf Club in the Tavern
8PM to 12AM every Saturday.
Szechuan Gardens
108 Fisherville Rd, Concord, NH 603) 2262650
Friday and Saturday from 9PM-1AM
Central Wave
368 Central Ave, Dover, NH (603) 742-9283
Monday 9PM - 1AM
Linda's Sports Bar
2b Burnham Rd, Hudson, NH (603) 886-0792
Wednesday 8PM-12AM
347 Shattuck Way, Newington, NH (603) 431-3121
Friday and Saturday 9PM - 12 AM
Daniel Street Tavern
111 Islington St, Portsmouth, NH (603) 430-1011
Thursday through Sunday 9PM - 1AM
Jonathon's Lounge at Park Place Lanes
16 Rockingham Rd, Windham, NH (603) 898-4422
Monday - Saturday 8PM-1AM
Jade Dragon
515 Daniel Webster Hwy, Merrimack, NH 03054
Thursday 8:30PM - Close
Stadium Ten Pen
216 Maple St, Manchester, NH (603) 625-965
Thursdays 9PM ~ 1AM. They've done a Friday night at least once and may or may not being doing so on a regular basis.

A comment on crowd response. Most places that you go, most of the time the only people that are going to clap for you are your friends. A lack of applause does not mean that you did poorly and should never do karaoke again. It just means that most people aren't paying attention unless their friends are up, or they really like the song. The plus side is that once you realize that most people aren't paying attention, you can cut loose and really have fun with the songs. If you want to get a strong crowd response, then pick a song that you can do decently that the crowd will be into. Due to the long rotation it can be challenging hard to know what the crowd is going to be like when you get up but sometimes you get lucky.

Most places that you go to are going to require you to keep your drinks off of both the stage and the dance floor. The reason for this is simple. They have to. Performers in NH Hampshire are not allowed to have alcohol with them while they are performing. When you get up to sing karaoke or even dance on the dance floor(the dancing only seems to be an issue at karaoke places for some reason. Perhaps because they are patron performance spaces), you are a legally a performer in the service of the club and if they don't stop you then they can get whacked. So, when you are asked to put the drink away, please be understanding and comply with the request.

    If you know of a place with karaoke that I haven't listed here, drop me a line and I'll add it to the list. I'd like to make this list as complete as possible. I at least need the name of the venue and the town that it is in. Anything else is gravy.

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